Community Outreach Program

ADNET believes strongly in creating a safer internet. We recognize the important role that non-profit organizations who combat cybercrime play in this and we are committed to supporting them. That’s why we launched our Community Outreach Program which supports those groups who monitor, identify and combat sources of spam and (technical) cybercrime around the world. All of the various ADNET companies (or “entities”) are part of this program which is helping to keep our network as clean as possible.

Join the program

We provide servers and network bandwidth to qualifying non-profit organizations who identify instances of technical internet abuse such as spam, malware, botnets and phishing. If your organization is interested in joining the Community Outreach Program or if you have additional questions, then please email us at and your request will be evaluated.


Our current Community Outreach Program participants

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CyberDefcon (

An independent organization providing tools and information that helps track down and resolve cybercrime. They also help prevent loss of business through cyber alerts, militate against cyberattacks and manage risks and vulnerabilities.


ColoClue (

A non-profit ISP for network engineers that’s run by network engineers offering colocation especially for the tech-savvy hobbyist


Stop Badware (

A program housed within the Security Economics Lab at the University of Tulsa focused on protecting people and organizations from becoming victims of viruses, spyware, scareware and other badware.


Stichting NLNOG (

A group that organizes activities on behalf of the internet professionals in the Netherlands and beyond. It plays an active role in facilitating infrastructure and software designed to prevent hijacks and data breaches. (

A Swiss security site dedicated to fighting cybercrime by, for instance, tracking ZeuS and SpyEye control servers.


Stop Forum Spam (

Provides lists of known forum or blog spammers and hosts a free for use site where registrations and posts can be checked against their database.


Spamhaus (

Tracks the internet’s spam senders and spam services. It provides dependable real-time anti-spam protection for internet networks and works with law enforcement to identify spammers worldwide.


Meldpunt Kinderporno (

A part of the “Expertisebureau Online Kindermisbruik (EOKM)”, this website makes it possible to report instances of child pornography.

Established in 2004, The Shadowserver Foundation gathers intelligence on the darker side of the internet. We are comprised of volunteer security professionals from around the world. Our mission is to understand and help put a stop to high stakes cybercrime in the information age.


S.A.F.E - Partners

Besides the ADNET Community Outreach Program, ADNET entities have also partnered-up with various other companies and foundations. These companies and foundations consist of specialists, analysts, forensics and experts in general, abbreviated to S.A.F.E. We create a safer internet. Together.


NCMEC logo Bits of Freedom logo S21Sec logo



The National Center for Missing & Exploited Children opened in 1984 and serves as an important portal for issues related to missing and sexually exploited children.


Bits of Freedom (

Bits of Freedom campaigns for freedom and privacy on the Internet, seeing this issue as essential for development, technological innovation and the rule of law.


s21Sec (

A cybersecurity company offering various security-related services and software Its Cybercrime unit collaborates with governmental institutions like Europol and the FBI.