Apache CloudStack Private Cloud

Open-source cloud that keeps you in control.

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An open source favorite, CloudStack is packed with features and functionality. It's also highly customizable, providing tech savvy customers a high-performance cloud at an attractive price.

Apache CloudStack is designed to deploy and manage large networks of virtual machines, as a highly available, highly scalable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) cloud computing platform.

Key Features

Powerful API

Cut down on manual maintenance tasks by taking advantage of the Apache CloudStack API. You’ll be able to control your infrastructure with automated tools, or integrate your private cloud with your own systems.

Rich GUI

Along with the Cloud we give you access to a user-friendly AJAX-based GUI, offering you full control over all private cloud features and functionality. Use the panel to monitor resource usage, assign capacity to projects, and control all aspects of your infrastructure.

Guaranteed resources

You can be sure that your applications will run fast and reliably on the ADNET platform. That’s because they’ll have everything they need to perform to their potential. We provide full, unshared access to all cores and memory available in your private cloud. We also use fast Intel Xeon CPUs and tune the servers to run as fast as possible.

Flexible resource allocation

Distribute resources across instances and projects as you see fit. You’ll be able to access a virtually unlimited amount of on-demand compute resources – with dedicated cores for each individual instance. You can also integrate software-based firewalls and load balancers to upgrade security and boost scalability.

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Need to use your cloud in bursts? Or just try something out? Get total flexibility but pay only for the time you use.

from €0.25
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Resource EUR prices USD prices SGD prices
Network In (per GB) € 0.015 $ 0.015 SGD 0.024
Network Out (per GB) € 0.015 $ 0.015 SGD 0.024
CPU (per core) € 0.0168 per hour $ 0.0180 per hour SGD 0.0269 per hour
RAM Memory (per GB) € 0.0168 per hour $ 0.0180 per hour SGD 0.0269 per hour
Storage* (per GB) € 0.225 $ 0.225 SGD 0.360

*Storage is billed based on your peak usage per month. For example if your capacity peaked at any point during the month at 100GB, you'll be billed for that amount.

Flat Fee

Want a cloud which gives you extra flexibility and capacity but lets you plan ahead with confidence with a fixed monthly price?

from €475
per month (see details)
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Network In 5TB Included
Network Out 5TB Included
10 CPU / 15GB RAM € 200 / $ 250 (min. 20 cores /30GB RAM)
Storage € 15 / $ 15 per 100GB (min. 200GB)


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