Microsoft Azure Private Cloud

The flexible, Microsoft powered private cloud solutions.

Available as: Azure Pack & Azure Stack

Looking for a flexible, secure cloud solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft services? Look no further than Microsoft Azure.

With ADNET's Azure powered private cloud offerings, you have the ability to easily offer a comprehensive, secure solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft services, without the need for major capital investments.

Key Benefits

Familiar Microsoft Environment

Because Azure is built with the familiar Microsoft environment, it reduces the learning curve for the platforms, allowing you to get started quickly.

No Overbooking

We never overbook our data centers, so when you get Azure from ADNET you can be sure that you’ll always have the resources you need to run all of your applications.

Easy on premises to data center migration

Currently hosting your infrastructure on premise? We make it easy to migrate to our data centers by providing you with everything you need to get your private cloud up and running in no time.

Comprehensive Certifications

Our certifications include ISO 27001, PCI DSS, SOC1, HIPAA, and NEN 7510, ensuring industry compliance, security, and peace of mind.

Azure Stack Private Cloud

Microsoft Azure Stack brings the full power of the Azure development stack with unmatched flexibility and control. With a unified set of services and DevOps tools across all Azure platforms, developers can build applications that allow you to easily deploy workloads to the location that best meets your business, technical, or regulatory needs.

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Private Environment

Using Azure Stack, you will get the functionality of Azure in your own private environment with guaranteed resources and data security.

EU Data residency

Our EU based data center provides your workloads with a comprehensive level of privacy and data protection, giving you all of the benefits of Azure Stack with added peace of mind.

Hybrid ready

Microsoft Azure Stack offers a fully hybrid solution that allows you to develop and deploy apps in private and public environments for full flexibility and control.

Trusted Partners

Our Azure Stack solution combines our 20 years of experience and reliability with the technology of one of the most trusted brands in tech: Microsoft.

Azure Pack Private Cloud

With ADNET's Azure Pack powered private cloud, you have the ability to easily offer a comprehensive, secure solution that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft services, without the need for major capital investments.

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Microsoft Azure Pack Screen Shot

Strong Data Protection

When you combine the built-in security of Microsoft Azure Pack and guaranteed data residency in the EU, we enable a secure cloud environment that allows easy compliance with European data protection laws.

Seamless Compatability

Azure Pack seamlessly integrates with apps and services from across all of Microsoft’s offerings, so you and your customers get the best of Microsoft with the power and scalability of the cloud.

Scalable and Flexible

Easy to adapt to changing needs, packed with infrastructure building blocks, and built to scale, Azure Pack provides the ability to quickly grow and change with evolving customer needs.

Hybrid Ready

Our Azure Pack Private Cloud is hybrid ready and can be combined with all of our offerings, providing you with an easy to manage, comprehensive infrastructure solution.

Designed for Managed Service Providers

As an MSP/IT services firm, you need the flexibility to keep pace with customer demands as technologies continue to evolve. One of the most important parts of this is the ability to handle hybrid cloud infrastructure, and one the best platforms to accomplish this is Microsoft Azure. With ADNET’s Azure Pack powered private cloud, you can offer your customer hybrid capabilities, seamless compatibility with Microsoft services, and the security of European data protection laws.

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