DDoS IP Protection Comparison

Not sure which DDoS IP Protection package will best suit your needs? Below is a comparison between our Standard (Free), Customized and Always-on packages. 




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  Standard Customized Always-on
Set-up + monthly rate Free Please contact us Please contact us
Protection of IPs against:
Volumetric attacks *
Protocol based attacks
Application layer attacks

Up to 5Gbps
Up to 2.5k pps

Up to 40Gbps
Up to 20k pps

nx10Gbps **
nx6k pps **
Automatic on demand mitigation
Always-on (in-line) mitigation
DDoS mitigation time 2-3 min. 2-3 min. <90 sec.
Reporting on request
Support during business hours
24x7 support
Automated e-mail notification via portal

* ADNET rate-limits attacks before they reach our scrubbing center. Actual figures are much higher.
** "n" is the number of Always-On DDoS Protection devices.

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