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As the internet plays a bigger and bigger role in the success of your business you need a partner who can help you get the most from today’s cloud and hybrid solutions. Build an innovative and customized hosted infrastructure that lets you respond to changing business demands.

Compliance for Enterprises

Compliant. Secure.

SLAs for Enterprises

Peace of mind

Scalability for Enterprises

High scalability

How we meet enterprise needs

We'll take care of business.

Our platform provides the best of all worlds – blending public cloud with private cloud and dedicated servers into a single, unified architecture. This flexible approach enables you to tailor your setup and achieve just the right levels of cost-efficiency, security, reliability, performance and control that you need.

Security and resiliency 24/7.

Every aspect of our data centers – from power density and redundancy, to capacity and cooling, as well as location and accessibility – is designed to guarantee security, resiliency, and efficiency. We can also accommodate any regulatory compliance issues you may have.

A network you can count on.

Our network is one of the largest in the world, and delivers a staggering 99.999% uptime. With huge bandwidth capacity and fully redundant architecture, it provides the uncompromising resiliency and high availability you rely on for business success.

Total control, plus an industry leading SLA.

Of course, you'll be able to manage every aspect of your infrastructure through our automated tools. But when need extra help or advice, you can be sure to have a response within minutes. Our on-site certified engineers are on hand 24x7, and you can contact our support team through our online ticketing service, Live Chat or by phone – any time, day or night.

Enterprise Solutions
Enterprise configuration M
  • The best of three worlds: ADNET Bare Metal servers in a private rack &/or customer hardware in colocation racks &/or cloud platforms: all tailored to customer specs
  • Private firewall and load balancer on customer VPN
  • Bare metal or cloud servers deployed quickly using API
  • Private networking to interconnect the three platforms
  • VPN access for admin staff
  • Everything can be setup fully redundant to provide the highest level of uptime
  • Create secure connections between your premises and the ADNET infrastructure
  • Totally tailored to your needs
  • SLAs provide peace of mind
Enterprise configuration L
As before plus:
  • CDN accelerates content serving to end users
  • ADNET storage and backup solutions
  • Superfast and reliable content delivery over CDN
Enterprise configuration XL
As before plus:
  • SAN/NAS storage
  • Additional Bare Metal storage servers
  • Complete hybrid solution tailored to your specifications
  • Bare Metal Servers can be deployed fast
  • CDN provides high speed delivery of rich media content to users anywhere in the world
Enterprise configuration XXL
As before plus:
  • Same architecture is duplicated across two sites. This allows for:
    • Active/active set-up (for extra capacity)
    • Active/Standby set-up (for disaster recovery)
  • Metro connection provides network between both platforms
  • CDN accelerates content serving to end users
  • ADNET storage and backup solutions
  • Twin center approach either mitigates risk or provides additional capacity
  • Peace of mind thanks to multiple redundancies
  • Cost effective with flat fee secure connection on Metro Ethernet
  • High availability