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Global SaaS Hosting Solutions

When your company lives in the cloud, you don’t just need a hosting provider with the best performance, you need one with the experience and knowledge to help you meet the unique challenges and customer requirements you face everyday. Our years of experience working with leading SaaS companies around the world, combined with our comprehensive infrastructure solutions and lightning fast global network mean that we can find the perfect solution to help you keep your customers happy, and your business growing.

Top Tier Network

It doesn’t matter how good your software application is if your customers can’t access it quickly and reliably. That’s why our cloud hosting solutions reside on our lightning fast global network with 99.999% core uptime, that incorporates 44 points of presence and 27 Internet Exchanges around the world.

Enterprise Grade Hardware

As a SaaS company, many of the processing requirements that were once carried out on a customer’s own PC are now dependent on your servers. This high degree of processing power, requires the right hardware. That’s why we only use industry leading servers including Dell, HP, and IBM, powered by the latest versions of Intel’s Xeon processors.

Global Presence

The global economy demands global access. With the rapid rise of new markets, you need a hosting provider that can help you reach your customers where they are. With 16 data centers, and offices in Europe, North America, and Asia, our global cloud hosting solutions connect you with the world, while providing you the local knowledge and support.

Always on Support

As a SaaS company every minute of application downtime means lost revenue, and a decrease in customer satisfaction. That’s why we have expert support engineers with a deep understanding of the technical and business hosting needs of SaaS providers, and a range of comprehensive SLAs to guarantee that your business is always up and running.

Flexible Solutions

With a comprehensive product portfolio ranging from VPSs and dedicated servers, to fully customized private cloud solutions, we offer you the flexibility to quickly scale your infrastructure to meet the changing demands of your business. This lets you easily grow to meet customer demands, while keeping down costs and increasing your bottom line.

Efficient and Affordable

The need to continually invest in new technology along with ever shifting market demands mean that on premise hosting can quickly become a major financial burden for most SaaS companies. Our global cloud hosting solutions remove the weight of capital expenditures, reducing costs, increasing efficiency, and ensuring that you always have the latest technology.

Products and Services

Dedicated Servers

Raw power of your own that makes even the most processor-intensive workloads fly. Our dedicated servers come in two options: preconfigured with instant delivery, or fully customizable.

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Scalable virtualized solutions that can grow as fast as you do. From hosting a website to large scale enterprise applications, we have a cloud hosting solution for any workload or requirement.

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Use the power and size of our global network to make your website and videos fly. Combining our hardware and network expertise, our CDN delivers lightning-fast, secure performance for an affordable price.

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Protect web applications from DDoS attackers with cost effective but comprehensive security solutions. Our domain protection and DDoS IP protection services are easy to set up and use.

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SaaS success starts with the right infrastructure

Defining the right strategy and designing the right infrastructure for your SaaS business can be a difficult task. Our sample SaaS infrastructure blueprints can help you get started.

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